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Dating rituals africa

Another tradition is — mainly among Ewe communities — for the bridegroom’s maternal and paternal aunts to send the bride’s father a pot of palm wine, which is essentially a message asking if their nephew can have the daughter’s hand in marriage.After about a week or two in which the bride’s family researches the potential groom, the father will send his reply.A group of teenagers laughs loudly, pointing at something in the crowd.At one table, a young beggar asks for some food, as the family sitting there shoos her away while simultaneously bringing their shopping bags closer.Suddenly, amongst the chaos, my ears pick up on something strange.At the table across from me is a gorgeous Ghanian woman who appears to be in her 20s sitting with an attractive Ghanaian man wearing slacks and a dress shirt.There’s more to marriage proposals in Ghana than just what’s been stated above.As any westerner that has visited the country has seen, it’s not uncommon to receive marriage proposals from locals every few days.

I can’t help thinking to myself that, unlike American men (and women) who propose maybe one to three times in their lives, Ghanaians must propose dozens.From there, the groom’s parents will send the bride’s parents a pot of palm wine to thank them if there has been consent. If a man wants to marry a woman, he’ll start giving her gifts — for instance, money, handkerchiefs and towels.And if she accepts the gifts, this means she’s also accepting the proposal.” Chicken grease dribbles down my chin, but I don’t bother to wipe it. You can imagine my disappointment when the girl presses her hands to her mouth to suppress a small chuckle, shakes her head no, and continues chomping on her Big Mac. The string quarter that stealthily appears next to the table?I’m too enthralled with what’s playing out before me. The waiter running over with the complimentary bottle of Champagne? “In Ghana it’s typical to propose after two or three dates.

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The Accra Mall food court is crowded, almost every table occupied with hungry shoppers.

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